Php code

The difference between a front-end developer and a back-end developer

You should know that the profession of web php developer can specialize according to the languages ​​used and mastered. Some developers will work on the visible part of a website, this is called a front-end developer, or web integrator. HTML, CSS as well as JavaScript will generally be his preferred languages. Others will code on the "hidden" part of a site or an application, these are back-end developers who will work instead with PHP, and SQL, a language used to make the link between a website and its database. Finally, full-stack developers are profiles that combine these two roles and are therefore particularly popular with recruiters. In general, web developer positions are highly sought after by employers, the opportunities are numerous and the profession benefits from attractive salaries even for a junior web developer.

Education and Training

There is no right way to become a web developer and there are many paths. A diploma in the field of computer science is a possible path to move towards web development. programming with a view to orienting towards the web development professions. Engineering schools can also be an interesting path to become a web developer or specialize in the development of mobile applications.

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