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Hiring the right team with a look to the future

Due to large popularity of PHP, diversities of open source software and highly robust framework inclusion, PHP scores top for the website or web application development, but it’s very daunting to select the right PHP developer or PHP expert team for your next project. Mistakes in the selection of right team cost to loss of money, efforts and time and lots of frustration. To avoid this, please find below useful guidelines to add the right team to your board.

Understand your technical needs and align with the developer

It’s very important to understand the technical need which your project demands especially if your project is already built and you are looking to extend the team in php programing. Verify if developer technical knowledge will align with your needs. Check developer knowledge about the server requirements, tools, database, development framework and associated technologies which frequently needed to smooth development. The developer lacking skills in technical aspects make development slow and create unnecessary dependency on other teammates.

PHP developer experience

Before hiring the PHP developer, double-check if his/her experience is enough to cater your project challenges. It’s always recommended to hire an expert although the rate is high to make smooth development. Inexperienced developer makes development slow and leads some tasks to a dead end. Lack of experience always cost later due to inefficiency followed throughout the project.

Development model which suits your need

Choose the right development model which fits your project requirements, not the development company trying to sell you. Understand the carefully pro and cons of all developments model which development company offering, select wisely the development model by considering all future aspects. Sometimes fixed cost model is better which bound to cost and time, but the other downside it loses flexibility for rapid development, it has a time-consuming process. The dedicated model is an ideal for ongoing project development and an agile-based development, while the hourly basis is best where the hours are not predictable in advance or regular small work.

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