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Our experts can help you learn the code online

Le wagon has been graded the top coding school in the world for the last 3 years. Student comes from all walks of life to become developers, entrepreneur, product managers and freelancer. You have the best tactic of resolving problem. Today you can acquire how to code online totally for free. Gone are the days where learning to code was kept for the excellent few or cost fairly a heavy amount of money. Le wagon has experience experts which can teach you how to code in 9 weeks

A rapid full-stack coding camp

Le wagon is a 9 week coding camp in 30 cities and in 20 countries. People whose goal is to build their own startup can have the coding abilities to create to do so. It can also add an extra technical knowledge to their skillset.

Web stack

La wagon’s coding boot camp teaches you the entire web stack from the data base to the browser. You will also learn the essential notions of object-oriented.

Program and structure a soft ware

You can learn how to program and structure software following strategic patterns like MVC.

Recent techniques

In addition to learning back end programing idioms you will advance your front-end skills using current techniques like flex box, CSS grid and learn ES6, the latest version of JavaScript.

Building of web product

We firmly believe that there is a sturdy way of building web products. During your boot camp, experts teach you how effective startup works. Your project wireframe and model are planned. Test your UX with a prototype, divide your user stories across your team and work together with subdivision and pull appeal.

Teach you the different tools

Experts also teach you how to study, and what tools to use to do so. (Heroku, Stripe, Mailchimp, Cloudinary Algolia….) You learn how to execute all these services to be well-organized when you inaugurate your project.

At the end of your boot camp you will be able to build a web product a web product from scratch, design a personal database and build inquiries with SQL, integrate a 3rd service using an API or scrape HTML data be able to learn new software design language very rapidly. In order to learn to code the best address is la wagon.

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