Php code

Program and get the money with your future php ecommerce !

PHP is a computer programming language that allows to code. You can schedule your future store online with PHP, and manage your online sales.

To program your future PHP e-commerce

To create an e-commerce site, you have to define the needs. For example, what products will you sell? At what age are they intended?

The instructions

In detail it is necessary to realize a specification as precise as possible, it will define what will contain your site, its features, certain details of its appearance. Once your specifications are complete, you can start sketching, for the layout of each block you are going to create. The position is very important, it is necessary to be able to highlight certain elements, to "hide" others, the size of the writing is also important. You define the graphic chart, the colors that will dominate your site. The colors are also very important, since depending on the case, it is necessary to be able to read your content on a smartphone, on a tablet, on a screen of computer, etc ... It is also necessary to pay attention to the colors that you use. Depending on the country, colors are not interpreted the same. Finally, you can start making models in Photoshop. Then organize your layers in different files that you can easily identify, otherwise it will be difficult for you to find yourself there.

So, you have a nice PSD, more than to realize that in html / css (not with tables). And from there, you can start coding your PHP, your SQL, and so on. And if you use the MVC model ... No calculations in the views, controllers are made for this.

If you want to make money with an e-commerce, it must be very good. For an e-commerce to work, it must be perfect for:
- the graphic aspect
- ergonomics
- the referencing
- ease of navigation
- the response time of the page
- security (a user likes secure payments)

The best is to connect with our php programmer !

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