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The good PHP practices to protect your server

Your company can be victim of attacks directly to the server, the danger is then a result of accepting unchecked input data and showing it in the browser. Suppose you have a comment form in your application that allows users to enter data, and on successful submission it shows all the comments. The user could possibly enter a comment that contains malicious JavaScript code in it. When the form is submitted, the data is sent to the server and stored into the database. Afterward, the comment is fetched from database and shown in the HTML page and the JavaScript code will run. The malicious JavaScript might redirect the user to a bad web page or a phishing website.

In this case you need an Anti DDOS solution and it will help you to protect more your server. The good PHP practices to protect your server is to absorb a very high quantity of traffic during attacks, much more than the services offered by competitors. After this, you can activate simultaneously the program of protection to combine their power and absorb the traffic. Their total capacity mitigation is more than 2 Tbps. Other customers and services will not be affected at all. Otherwise you can use a server which is equipped with automatic DDoS attack mitigation that activates in the event of an attack (reactive mitigation). Customers also have access to permanent mitigation (permanent rules) as well as Network Firewall configuration. Mitigation is a term employed to design the means and measures in place to reduce the negative effects of a DDoS attack. Mitigation consists of filtering illegitimate traffic and hovering it up. The VAC consists of multiple devices, each with a specific function to block one or more types of attack (DDoS, Flood, etc.). Depending on the attack, one or more defense strategies may be put in place on each VAC device.

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