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The most frequently used frameworks for a Php developer

Websites are greatly growing on the web nowadays, and most of them are developed by php programmers, which are greatly at their ease with frameworks. In this way, it is to precise that the majority of new developed websites are now using frameworks.

What to now about frameworks?

The world is now in a constant evolution into his virtualization, and it is also true that it is just in his beginning, according to what humans have developed this last decennium. It is to notice that each company in each sector is now entering in the way to build their own websites or online shop. Basically, websites have been created by coding some languages on the editor, but it has known many evolutions with time. Nowadays, websites are now built by a Content Management System or a framework developed by php developer or website developer. It is to note that frameworks are a software infrastructure which regroups many components, which are the big lines and foundation of websites. By this way, frameworks are, therefore, a specific software which is developed in order to model the application software architecture.

Php developers and frameworks

According to the majority of php developers, frameworks are the best and the most used tools or software, in order to perform a great powerful and responsive website. Following this, it should be noted that many frameworks are now seen on the web and on many different websites, but each php developer has his preferred. It is therefore to note that there are some frameworks which are frequently used by web developer, such as some which are less used. However, it is to precise that developers are exceptionally choosing his framework, and many are opting for Laravel, CodeIgniter, Zend, Symfony, YII, or Phalcon, which are the most used and the most preferred of the moment.

Anyway, there are obviously many others frameworks, which are easily findable on the web, but the list is too long that it will be takes a month to enumerate them.

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