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The services and solutions that Koddos offers

Whether you are a manager of a company or an individual who has his own website, for the smooth running of your business, your site needs to be protected against any external attack that could affect its smooth operation. There are for example the DDos attacks that target the sites of your company to make it inactive. In this case, you can call on experts like koddos who can offer you very effective solutions.

Koddos? What is it ?

It is a premium hosting service that uses state-of-the-art methods to provide a pleasant environment for your website. With the solutions offered by koddor, your website will become much more responsive and faster. Above all your site will be safe against any attack like the DDos. This hosting service has several network equipment and their servers are installed everywhere to ensure the effectiveness of their services. In addition to having premium services, the hosting also has a system for blocking DDoS attacks by filtering them over several layers. The team is at your disposal 24 hours a day. You can contact them on their website

What solution and propose?

The koddos team offers highly advanced hosting packages that can be customized according to the design and type of website of your company. For the protection of the latter, the team uses its own technology. Among the services and types of hosting that Koddos offers are, for example, Medium and High Risk hosting, the DDoS Remote Protection, dedicated servers for protection and colocation with filtering of malicious invasions. These services have the role of detecting DDoS attacks and blocks in a fraction of milliseconds. After the attack has been blocked, it will go through their cleaning centers, which will permanently remove it. You will have the opportunity to become much more productive without being threatened by a malicious attack. Koddos will be the best partner for the well being of your site.

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