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3 resaons why Ruby tops php:

Developers or site owners often wonder why choose ruby on rails instead of other languages ​​like php? There are indeed several reasons why it is better to opt for ror. Its qualities like FrameWork that others do not have as well as its productivity, dynamism, flexibility and comprehensive tools are examples.

Ruby, an object-oriented and multi-paradigm language

Ruby on rails takes advantage of the different qualities of the ruby language to adapt it to web development. Object-oriented and inspired by Smalltalk and Lisp, the ruby language allows object-oriented programming that optimizes quality, productivity, design, support and variation. As for the development of web applications, it is enough to couple Ror to a whole range of tools, plugins and gems.

Ror is also a complete framework. Designed on the MVC model, it allows for easier interaction. Depending on the needs of the developer, it can gradually make configuration through conventions. The latter also reduce the lines of code. The language is then more beautiful and more readable. Apart from these advantages, ruby ​​also allows to develop web applications rich in interactivity and functionality.

In short, it enables the development of functional, dynamic and innovative websites.

The agile method for successful Rails projects

Although rubyonrails is a great tool, the developer has to master it to use it. To do this, nothing beats the experience. This would allow it to push this framework until its final terminations and take advantage of all the possibilities, whether in the management of upgrades, configurations or even security.

It should be noted that the tools and experience are considerable variables to develop a website or a web application in a short time. In addition, there is also the management of a project. This is another important variable. It should not be forgotten that the design of a web application, its development, maintenance and the essential work for its evolutions is a long-term project. This is why we need to have an agile methodology to succeed with Ruby and go beyond php.

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