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Can you combine Magento and Php code?

When developing a website, the question of the tool used is still required. It is therefore important to choose the right tool when creating or website management. In both cases, there are two tools that are currently essential to know PHP and Magento. If one is mainly based on creating innovative and successful websites, the other will focus specifically on it. Only between these two tools, there is an unmistakable relationship.

First : PHP

PHP is an open source scripting language and general that was designed specifically to develop web applications. This is a tool that creates websites and it is among the most used in the field. It integrates easily in HTML which will greatly facilitate the display of the latter. Also, the php specificity is the fact that it is on the server side, ie, that his code will run only on the server to generate HTML. This result is then sent directly to customers without the source code. Also configuring the server so that it processes HTML files as PHP files, static pages will then be treated as dynamic pages. This will increase even more the efficiency and practicality of use php.

Magento and its relationship with PHP

Meanwhile, the magento development is based mainly on the management of e-commerce sites. It will, of course, the creation of online shops, but its functionality will focus mainly on the management of e-commerce sites content. So it is software in the CMS category offering extensive management at all sites. Also, it must be said that Magento and php were made based on the Zend framework. We can therefore say that there is some connection between them. In this sense, it is entirely possible to combine the codes of these two tools. In all cases, to achieve a good level of income at this level, it will be important to fully know the ropes.

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