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How to see if our team know ror development?

To know the capacity of a group of web developers, you have to test each one. Indeed, the personal competence of each one implies to forge the performance of the group. An agency can not claim to be the best if its agents are not the best and the only way to be sure is to test and investigate.

Judge and gauge the individual capacity of each developer

A web agency is nothing without these developers, and that's actually what happens when they work. In order for group work to succeed and to know if the team is truly competent in the profession of ror developers, it is necessary to start by gauging each element. To do this, you must start by following the path of each one. Each developer must have completed studies related to computer science and web development. And this training is materialized by the award of a diploma. Generally, to be able to work in an agency, you must hold at least a Bac + 5. After graduation, it is also important to know the qualifications since the CV of each candidate. No one can pretend to know something without having seen it, lived it and knew it. Also, each developer must at least have a first experience in ruby ​​on rails. The agency job is a learning suite but it is not for those who have learned nothing concrete. By viewing these documents, you can get an accurate idea of ​​the quality of the group.

Valuing teamwork

Apart from the individual prowess of each RoR developer, the way of working is also to be seen. A team of experts necessarily has a work sharing procedure. But a team that does not share and that times mixes each task is not professional. Moreover, with the Framework ruby ​​on rail it is necessary to check more because the code seems easy yet it is always possible to find parts that manifest the whims of the Framework. In these cases, the group must have a quick and efficient solution to resolve and repair the fault immediately.

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