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You always need to back time to time, even with ROR

Creating web site is an important step in the understanding of the world of the web. It is important to base this step so that everything is perfect and that the site is well designed. To achieve such results, it will necessarily good knowledge in the field as well as the right tool. Ruby on Rails is one of the most used tools in this context by startups. Its many benefits fully explain this excitement, but it will still be important to back up from time to time anyway.

The choice of Ror

Clearly, ror developers use ruby ​​on rails ror or ror to develop innovative websites, powerful and fast. Ruby on Rails is a framework based on the Ruby language to develop web applications. This language is object-oriented paradigm and multi ensuring the creation of site quickly and efficiently. Admittedly ror is based on two fundamental principles namely DRY or Do not Repeat Yourself which will be used to centralize data and the Convention over Configuration avoiding detailing the work at the configuration as MMR follow the conventions specific. The increased production represents the ruby ​​on rails force for all its advantages in this direction. If we figure, creating a simple website as a blog can be done with 62 lines of code which is simply unbeatable.

Save anyway

Everything goes in the direction of effectiveness in terms of ror, so it is quite normal to think that the development work will be done very easily with him. This is correct, but it still will emphasize that save working time to time be required. Indeed, the development of a site can take time in some cases even with ruby ​​on rails. It also happens that when working to reset and restart the last save point is the simplest. Save thus help to navigate easily in this direction. Also, note that with ruby ​​on rails, it will be possible to do tests so that the work is subject to rigorous monitoring.

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