msql vs msqli what to choose?

What is the difference between msql and msqli? These are first of all two technologies that are used to develop websites or more precisely a relational database management system or RDBMS. They are necessary to structure the encoding of data on a web page. Their usefulness seems to be the same, but still has some difference.


Both are used to develop an interactive web page that works with the hypertext preprocessor, scripting language or even PHP. They consist in structuring the language of the requests made by the users. It is thanks to this type of technology that Internet users can request information from a database. It is up to the developer or php programmers to integrate and use the system to serve Internet users. Both technologies allow data to be stored in the form of related tables and at the same time disseminate information in a more simplified format.

Difference between msql and msqli

The shape and appearance of the data that a website displays changes depending on the technology used by the web developer. By the way, msql is the older one while msqli is a newer version. So, it is quite logical that the second has more features than the first. The two do not work with the same versions of PHP. The latest version is only compatible with PHP 4.1.3 and above. Msql, it too is compatible with the most recent version of PHP except that it does not take into account new features. Msql is a System Rational Management Database or RDBMS while msqli is an RDBMS driver and not yet an independent RDBMS. It offers more features and allows for more operations. However, it needs msql as a host system to function.

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