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The questions about php programing will definitely help you determine the technological capabilities of the interview. In cases where you hire a senior manager, however, it is much more important that you recruit the right candidate with the following tips in mind. Follow the tip genuinely and apply them as well to get the best of php programmers for a given project.

Stop testing clichés

You've done a bit of research in PHP, evaluated your needs, and are ready for interviews. A list of questions is generated next step. Nevertheless, stereotypical problems such as – be special

  • What is PHP? What is PHP?
  • When was PHP published first?
  • Who's PHP’s father?

Instead of carrying out such a memory test, you should ask questions that will help you assess whether the developer has the right skills to suit your needs, for example –

  • Why do I manage PHP cookies?
  • How can PHP data be encrypted?
  • How much web service experience do you have?

These questions not only test the candidate's technical skills but also offer insight into the candidate's technical strengths.

Seek for past projects

It is important to dig deeply into the previously worked on projects, be it a good PHP offshore development company or a PHP developer. You may do so by asking the applicant a brief overview of his / her ventures and of the role he / she has performed. Often you employ a portfolio, case studies and client reviews to determine your true abilities and expertise in work on a project like yours. It will save you the trouble of coping with the standard of projects which might occur in the construction process later.

Established awareness and abilities assessment

As technologies are changing at a rapid pace, it is necessary to invest in a resource that is not only capable of delivering your projects, but can also be up to date and develop new skills. You will keep the developer up-to - date on the technologies and developments in everything he does.

Here are the basics to learn the code

Before you start learning how to code, it’s imperative to think on the point. Everything in the computer is science collective. The main mistake you can make as a wishful programmer is abandoning because you don’t think you are intelligent enough to learn php programming from php programmers . Learning to code has nothing to do with your intelligence. Le wagon is coding a bootcamp for inventive people and tech entrepreneurs. Computer [...]

A good marketing is nothing without a good website nowadays !

php developement companyWhen you work in the field of sale whether goods or services, you should know that currently you can only increase your audience by having a good website. Indeed, as when living in a world where the internet has become in our daily lives, it is essential for every business to have its own website. This is a real necessity which must not be overlooked especially in marketing. If a company does not already have, it is either lack of time or lack of information, or it is not at all the teacup [...]

The extra skills you should have as a Php developer

The extra skills you should have as a Php developer
Everyone can not pretend to become a good php developer. However, if you take the time to study well and practice very regularly, you will find that your level will continue to increase. You will probably ask us where will you be able to find the right books to document you? Do not worry about this point. That's exactly why we're talking to you right now. In fact we have set up a website that you probably will not be able to do without, at least as long as you are learning php. [...]

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